Judith Ripka

Our Mission is to create jewelry of understated elegance for women of impeccable taste worldwide that is appropriate for all the roles that a woman plays in her life. Founded on Judith’s desire to share her passion for fine jewelry, The Judith Ripka Companies, Inc. prides itself on using only the finest diamonds, colored precious gemstones, pearls and unique one-of-a-kind stones, sourced throughout the world by Judith herself. With these beliefs, The Judith Ripka Companies, Inc. lays the foundation to envision new goals, meet potential challenges and realize future global expansion. Judith Ripka has been designing jewelry for nearly four decades. She is an exhibitor at the Couture show in Las Vegas and her pieces have been a red carpet mainstay for years, donned by celebrities including Naomi Watts, Miley Cyrus and Isla Fisher.

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