John Hardy

John Hardy, a Canadian artist, visited Bali in the 1970s and was enraptured by the vigor and vitality of life on the island, its rich culture, and simple and pure lifestyle. There, he discovered the inspiring tradition of artistry among the Balinese and their skill for hand-crafting jewelry that dates back to the goldsmiths of the ancient Balinese courts. He settled there and built a brand that to this day embodies ultimate beauty.

With his wife, Cynthia, they transcended the challenges of living and working in the jungle, and through their perseverance and enduring strength John Hardy jewelry became revered throughout the world.

Bali was an open door to a creative world, and John and Cynthia built an oasis, forming a tight-knit community of artisans and craftsman, while pursuing their dream of living a meaningful and inspired life.

John and Cynthia found their universal source of artistic, physical and spiritual inspiration in Bali.

The time and place—dramatic, full of magic and theatre—set the stage for John Hardy.


The free and creative spirit that marked the 1970s was felt worldwide, and with John Hardy in Bali, his beliefs converged with the myths, legends, and spiritual essence of the island’s culture, as well as its exotic setting. This time and place allowed him to build an authentic community with the local artisans, and in turn develop a company rooted in respect for culture, artistry, community and nature.


We operate in harmony with our surroundings and community. We employ local artisans, respect and honor their traditions, and support our neighbors and the land that nourishes us. It’s not just our jewelry that embodies our greatest human attributes—we carry that passion through in our everyday work. When you own a John Hardy piece, you become a part of this legacy.

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